Design Thinking Approach

At Chase, teachers guide students in the practice of design thinking; they learn to assess and adjust as they discover the world around them and their role within it. The practice of design thinking can often create a heightened level of engagement as well as excitement about learning. Integrating this problem solving technique into the Chase curriculum provides students with the skills to succeed in a world that requires creativity and an ability to adapt and change. 


Wonder about perspective, impacts, approaches, outcomes and benefits.


Dig below the surface to fully comprehend the task. Look at the “whats” and “whys.” Then brainstorm, think outside the box and consider all possible solutions.


Do! Build the prototype, create the model and devise the approach to solve the problem. Be bold and confident in the creative process.


Failure is inevitable. Stay resilient, determined and resolute. This builds confidence for future tasks.


Test the prototype, and deliver the outcome.

Chase Collegiate student public speaking in class

Public Speaking Programs

Public speaking is one cornerstone of a Chase education. In both formal and informal settings, students of all ages have the opportunity to share ideas, hold the attention of an audience and lead a discussion. The goal is to provide a challenging, yet safe environment where students challenge themselves and respond appropriately in each environment. Students and alumni alike consider the integration of public speaking in the Chase curriculum to be one of the most empowering components of their Chase education. 


Signature Public Speaking Programs include:

  • Fifth Grade Capstone Speeches
  • Seventh & Eighth Grade Declamations 
  • Senior Speeches

Beyond the Programs

In addition to several Signature Programs, Chase Collegiate offers a diverse selection of clubs, organizations and teams to help you expand your horizons and drive your journey of self-discovery. Get involved in the community, play on a sports team or join the band! There’s always a space for you.